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The incredibly human Lucy Maud Montgomery

Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists flood Prince Edward Island to get a dose of Anne Shirley and see the place that inspired the book Anne of Green Gables. Anne is a global phenomenon. There have been hundreds of… Continue Reading →

Long bridge over ice covered waters

Back when I was a young swimmer (a very long time ago), I had a swim meet in Summerside, PEI. I can barely remember it because I was very young. What I do remember is having to take a ferry… Continue Reading →

The brutality and confusion of Flanders Fields

If you Google “is Flanders Fields a real place,” the pre-baked Google response is American centric and falls flat of the truth: “Flanders Field American Cemetery and Memorial, a World War I cemetery on the southeast edge of the town… Continue Reading →

The Fiery William Lyon Mackenzie

William Lyon Mackenzie was a Scottish born journalist who eventually found his way to the colonies at the end of the Napoleonic Wars (1820). He may have passed through Partridge Island; there are no immigration records for this period and… Continue Reading →

The Fenian Raids and the Necropolis

Located in the heart of Cabbagetown, the Necropolis in Toronto has been a witness to many of the struggles felt by Irish Canadians in the 19th Century. In a way, the history of these struggles is laid out in the… Continue Reading →

8-hours in Toronto

This was a short little trip to Toronto. But, this time around I got to do something that I’ve always wanted to do but haven’t been able to because I was flying from another country… or on a large plane…. Continue Reading →

Reversing Falls, Glooscap, American Privateers, and Irish Immigrants

The Reversing Falls in St. John are not actually falls… but rather rapids. They reverse flow twice daily because of the powerful rise and fall of the tides of the Bay of Fundy. There are so many historical facets to… Continue Reading →

From Beaubassin to Becancour and the Moulin de Saint-Grégoire

As seen in the previous post, the Wheaton Covered Bridge in Sackville N.B. sits in the Tantramar Marshes on what was once Acadian land. Settled in the 1670s, this region held a thriving and prosperous Acadian farming, fishing, and trading… Continue Reading →

A bridge in the middle of the saltwater marshes

You have to suspend believe to get to the Wheaton Covered Bridge. It’s off the beaten path in the Northern section of the West Body of the Tantramar Marshes in Sackville, New Brunswick. If you’re visiting in the winter… it’s… Continue Reading →

This Covered Bridge has its own Google Doodle!

In Hartland, a small town in New Brunswick with a population of less than 950-people, there is a covered bridge that is 1,282 feet long. Essentially, the bridge is longer than the number of people that live in the town… Continue Reading →

The roads in New Brunswick look like a trash can

For Easter we did an impromptu road trip to Nova Scotia; this was in lieu of an earlier planned Christmas trip that we had to postpone because we were stranded by storms. Both ferries were down so this was a… Continue Reading →

This is New Brunswick!

New Brunswick is an easy weekend road trip from Montréal. For this particular journey, our destination was Nova Scotia, but we meandered through New Brunswick and spread the drive out over two days. [Journey Map] [Blog Posts] This road trip… Continue Reading →

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