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This Covered Bridge has its own Google Doodle!

In Hartland, a small town in New Brunswick with a population of less than 950-people, there is a covered bridge that is 1,282 feet long. Essentially, the bridge is longer than the number of people that live in the town… Continue Reading →

The roads in New Brunswick look like a trash can

For Easter we did an impromptu road trip to Nova Scotia; this was in lieu of an earlier planned Christmas trip that we had to postpone because we were stranded by storms. Both ferries were down so this was a… Continue Reading →

This is New Brunswick!

New Brunswick is an easy weekend road trip from Montréal. For this particular journey, our destination was Nova Scotia, but we meandered through New Brunswick and spread the drive out over two days. [Journey Map] [Blog Posts] This road trip… Continue Reading →

Back to Québec via Stanstead

Heading back into Québec was… unexpectedly odd. We expected the “full meal deal” of several border lanes, Nexus lanes, duty free shops, big glass buildings with loads of parking, dogs, border guard vehicles with bull-bars on the front, questions, and… Continue Reading →

Exploring food while on the road in Vermont

It’s hard to travel when you have severe and conflicting food allergies (e.g. corn and wheat are usually a substitute for each other) and most North American restaurants seem to feel the need to throw dairy into just about everything…. Continue Reading →

A Vermont cabane à sucre: Morse Farm

We drove through the muddy backcountry of Vermont to find Morse Farm. The museum is self-serve, so wandering is perfectly fine (bring boots). And, “that maple smell” is everywhere as you wander… tis the smell of heaven. There’s more than… Continue Reading →

The Old Round Church

In this secluded, quiet pocket of Vermont there is a large, red, arched bridge that sees traffic from mostly pickup trucks and all-terrain vehicles. On one side of the bridge is a small township that has a population of roughly… Continue Reading →

The Granite Street Fracas

Vermont is a major player in the world’s granite market. Just outside the town of Barre is the rather famous Rock of Ages quarry… this is the same quarry that a young Captain Kirk launched his step-father’s car off a… Continue Reading →

The U.S.’s Smallest Capital: Montpelier

Montpelier is by far one of the smallest and least populous capital cities in the United States. It’s official population is 7,855. During the day an additional 3,000-ish people filter into town just to work. I have to keep reminding… Continue Reading →

Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium

Be awed. Be amazed. Be creeped out by all the dead, stuffed animals!? While the Museum of Everyday Life has an ambiance of noir, the Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium is just plain macabre. This was never on our “roadside attraction”… Continue Reading →

Museum of Everyday Life

We travelled over a mountain to get to this museum… an icy, muddy, rugged mountain. This itself is a journey worth writing about. And, it’s strange now that I think about it… strange that in the midst of Vermont there… Continue Reading →

The Dog Chapel on Dog Mountain

We drove forever along winding, twisting, muddy roads to get here. We knew the destination but the location itself was unclear because it’s not in maps; we were being guided by a series of GPS coordinates that led us to… Continue Reading →

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