In 2010, the Halifax’s Historic Farmer’s Market celebrated its 260th Anniversary. It was during this celebration that the old Market on Lower Water street was recognized for being the oldest, continuously run farmers’ market in North America.

Ironically, during the same year a schism occurred when the city build a second market at Pier 22, some 500 metres from the original. Many vendors moved to the new location and Halgonians worried that the original market would disappear now that there was a shiny new eco-friendly building.

However, some vendors stayed and vacated spaces were quickly filled by new faces.

As we wandered Brewery Square and discovered the market for ourselves, we discovered a place filled with cobblestone streets and stone archways that transported us through time to Halifax in the 1700s.

It’s lucky that the area even exists. In 1917, during the Halifax Explosion, Citadel Hill deflected much of the blast and spared this part of downtown from being destroyed.