Snow in August?

There are so many cities around the world that say: “if you don’t like the weather, wait 10-minutes.” However, Calgary is the only place where I’ve been where this is true.

‘Twas a really nice evening. We were picking berries and enjoying the sun when dark clouds came out of nowhere and started spewing pea sized hail.

The storm became so ferocious that a river formed in front of the house and started to wash rocks from alley down the street.

By this point we were able to make pretty potent snowballs.

10-minutes later, the storm ended with a rainbow. No one would have known there was a squall except for the blanket of white stuff that covered everything.

Five minutes after this, the sun was out again, however, it remained sufficiently cold enough to keep the snow until the next day.

Snow in August? It happens.

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  1. We had a thunder storm here yesterday and the hail damaged a lot of apples and grapes grown by local farmers.

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