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Coombs Old Country Market

Candied salmon, pepperoni sticks, gluten-free bread, and artisan cheese, while on Vancouver Island we stopped at the Coombs Country Market (a.k.a. the Goats on the Roof Market) for lunch and healthy road trip snacks.

We were rather pedestrian as we meandered, browsed local crafts and clothing, explored different foods, and purchased coffee beans. Sure the food is fantastic and the ambiance old country, but it’s the goats on the roof that draws people to the market time and time again.

This year’s stars are Peaches, Poppy, Caramel, and Uncle Benny and their job is to mow the grass… on the roof.

This is a great example of permaculture. The sod roof keeps the building warm in the winter and cool in the summer. However, because Vancouver Island is wet, the grass grows quickly and rather than try and mow it, the owners let the goats do the cutting and fertilizing.

For our visit, it was rather hot and the goats decided they’d rather be in the shade then out posing for tourists.

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