I’ve known Michi for 20 years, which is a lifetime because my life didn’t really start until I met her. She’s had and indescribable influence on who I am as a person and even now I think of her every day.

There are so many memories — Acadia University, sending cassette tapes to each other when she lived in France, her driving to Calgary from Halifax (and the two of us driving to Vancouver when she arrived) to see Pink Floyd, living together in the apartment with the bad bad brown carpet and giant velvet Jesus wall hanging, the flower car, testing out Tom Noddy’s giant bubble formula at the library on Spring Garden Road, discussing the plot elements of trashy novels, horseback riding, white water rafting…

The memories go on forever and I can’t even begin to describe how I feel knowing that she has colon cancer. All kinds of hollow lumps have descended on my body and won’t go away.

Please, please, if you visit my site send your well wishes to Michi, say a prayer, send some karma, send love, or share a story that will make her laugh. She’s an amazing person and has touched the lives of so many people around the world. Send some love and support to Greg and Michi’s family too — they really need it right now.

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  1. What a shock to hear about this. Such a young, vibrant, free spirited person. These things should never happen to such a nice person. I remember some of her visits here, once at Christmas in her VW beetle convertible. And again with Greg. Such a fun person. All the best to Michelle, Greg, and their families.

  2. I am at work and I Just got Shar’s message, I am in shock still.

    Michelle is one of those people who you never imagine something like this happening to.

    I knew Michi at Acadia and beyond, and although we have lost touch, I still think of her often.

    We had really great times back in “the day”
    I will be back to post some of these incidences…(like the whipped cream/pie in the face…which i STILL feel bad about!!!) (was funny though….)

    keep on truckin Mich- I will be thinking of you.

    stay tuned for more episodes from the “waifs”.

  3. Wow…

    Michelle, I’m echoing Shannon’s comment about losing touch with you, yet still thinking about you often and wonder how you are. I still remember you coming to visit me in Bermuda and us riding around on my motorcycle seeing the sites… remember walking on Horseshoe beach? Those fond memories have stuck with me…

    Sending out much love and healing energy to you…

    Great big hugs,

  4. Shushwap, 1997


    Ahh. Our trip to the Shushwap. I’d just come back from India and Anja was visiting from Denmark. We spent the very early mornings drinking coffee, watching the sunrise, and marveling at humming birds as they drank sugar water out of the feeder. The evenings were surprisingly chilly but the day warm enough to be towed along behind a boat “water boarding” (like rag dolls), go white water rafting, and horseback riding.

    That was the beginning of a fantastic summer full of concerts, festivals, and general adventure. It all started with my arrival back in Canada and a hug from a very excited Michi who announced: “We’re going for a good ‘ole Canadian slurpie.”


    PS. I’ll add photos for anyone who wants them with their stories.

  5. New Brunswick, 1992-ish


    This trip to New Brunswick had more stories than I care to talk about (or remember). I remember arriving in Nova Scotia to the snow storm to end all snow storms — and the snow banks being higher than buses. From Greenwood I hoped on a bus to Halifax where I met Michi, Shan and Tim at the bus station. We then drove to New Brunswick (perhaps Shan remembers where).

    The trip involved a cracked wind shield, photos with large guns, alcohol products / milk (don’t ask), and a large military party where on a dare I *ahem* ended up hanging from the wagon wheel chandelier. The piece de resistance was discovering the “alien” bar in the middle of nowhere NB; a layered dance/rave bar with a full sized version of the monster from the alien movies.

    That was one of many adventures where the waifs were out in full form!


  6. “I’m crying and sad because mommy’s friend is sick… the one with the scary doll under her bed.”

  7. I too have lost contact. I’m also shocked to hear the news and have been trying to think of one good memory to share, but the same thing keeps coming back to me – that smile in all of the photos above (and I’m sure ever other photo I’ve seen of you). That and calling Lee “Tank Man”…. priceless.

    Keep smiling Michi.


  8. so after I wrote the last comment, I remembered something…but pieces are missing….
    something about being basically kidnapped (by friends), blindfolded, put in a small white volkswagon convertible, and driven onto an army base….but the details are sketchy…

    there was also some sort of game involving camoflage makeup, army fatigues, and flashlights….the details there are also sketchy but I do remember eating dirt….and having so much fun that my deeply embedded fear of spiders was temporarily suspended…..


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