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I’ve known Michi for 20 years, which is a lifetime because my life didn’t really start until I met her. She’s had and indescribable influence on who I am as a person and even now I think of her every day.

There are so many memories — Acadia University, sending cassette tapes to each other when she lived in France, her driving to Calgary from Halifax (and the two of us driving to Vancouver when she arrived) to see Pink Floyd, living together in the apartment with the bad bad brown carpet and giant velvet Jesus wall hanging, the flower car, testing out Tom Noddy’s giant bubble formula at the library on Spring Garden Road, discussing the plot elements of trashy novels, horseback riding, white water rafting…

The memories go on forever and I can’t even begin to describe how I feel knowing that she has colon cancer. All kinds of hollow lumps have descended on my body and won’t go away.

Please, please, if you visit my site send your well wishes to Michi, say a prayer, send some karma, send love, or share a story that will make her laugh. She’s an amazing person and has touched the lives of so many people around the world. Send some love and support to Greg and Michi’s family too — they really need it right now.

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