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The Wynn Brunch — a Culinary Fail

I hate these posts. I really do. The posts were I look back on a great experience/restaurant and have to recant because the second experience was terrible.

I’m talking about The Wynn. In 2012, I loved it. I hailed it. I worshiped it. And, it was rated as one of the top restaurants in Vegas by Time Magazine.

I don’t know what’s happened but our second experience was horrific, and to make it worse, we made a special trip from the other side of the strip to try out the buffet.

What made it so terrible this time around: cranky staff, filthy dishes, terrible seating, and they took away all the fabulous gluten-free/vegan options and replaced them with non-food like cheap fruit (melon slices).

In all my searching I discovered that the only thing I could eat was a passionfruit tart, which will forever be known as the $50 tart.

But, my favourite part in the entire experience (sarcasm): when discovering a serving spoon in the middle of a platter of Spanish rice, I asked the server if she could replace the spoon with one that wouldn’t burn my hand when I picked it up.

She promptly grabbed the entire platter, walked over to the garbage, threw the entire thing in, slammed the spoon into the garbage, and walked out of the serving area.

If she had just exchanged the spoon, the Spanish rice would have been my breakfast.

My recommendation: there is a cute little cafe around the corner from the buffet that has plenty of breakfast options for a fraction of the cost. It’s called “The Cafe.” (And, they serve “expensive” fruit: berries, kiwi, citrus, pineapple)

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