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Hogmanay (hog-muh-NAY) is the Scottish New Year celebration and every year in Edinburgh there is a huge party on Dec 31st.

The shortbread that I mentioned a few days ago was baked for Hogmanay — to give to the neighbours. In Scotland it is tradition to go from house to house on the cusp of the New Year and give out shortbread cakes.

We received some shortbread from Rob the Neighbour; shortbread that managed to find its way into the belly of the dogs. I don’t know how they got it from the “hard to get to” part of the counter; but, they did. They must have worked out a strategy where one dog stood on the back of the other and balanced precariously whilst reaching for the shortbread.

Whatever they did, it was successful and they had a New Year’s Eve treat while we were at the Festival of Lights celebration in Airdrie. I have to say that the people of Airdrie certainly know how to party; not as much as the people in Scotland — but more than I expected.

I think all of Calgary was there too.

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