What a week… what a week… and it’s not even over, dammit.

It started on Monday with Cubs fans who were still drunk from the team’s success in the World Series. People were still talking about it. Parties, parades, and autograph events were still happening. And, fans were leaving messages of adoration in chalk on the Wrigley Stadium walls.

On November 7th everyone was so happy.


Unfortunately, the building is about to undergo construction and while everyone is looking on in horror at the results of the election, the messages will disappear and no one will remember how happy they were on November 7th.

WTF America

Sigh… Tuesday… the election… it was really really sad and difficult to watch the United States vote itself into an era of racism, hatred, intolerance, and violence. It makes me nauseous to think that someone who used tactics from Hitler’s Mein Kampf to gain popular support is now in power. Has history taught us nothing?

So, congratulations America (yes, you’ve been downgraded from “the U.S.” to “America”), you now have a selfish, ignorant, racist, sexist, megalomaniac, dictator-president. Brace yourselves for 4-years of more tabloid level drama as the new King of America exacts his thin, orange skinned, petty revenge on everyone.

Unfortunately, this also means more of the never ending barrage of pointless internet selfish-hate-spatter and crazy talk.

The good news for us Canadians is that if we survive the resulting market freefall, recession, and nuclear fallout, we’ll benefit from the U.S. brain drain. Thanks America for making Canada great again.