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Our Little Friend Named Rainbow

La Niña has a new pet sitting business; her second customer is Rainbow the Dog (the first is Cala the Cat). This post is a page where we can add photos and sometimes video of Rainbow so her owners can see how she’s doing throughout the week.



The dog quote of the day, Scratch a dog and you’ll find a permanent job. – Franklin P. Jones. This is the theme for the day since Rainbow has become unrelenting in her demands for affection. She certainly loves a good head scratch and belly rub!


In the words of the great and iconic Charles Schultz, “Happiness is a warm puppy.”


The blur below in the 5th photo below is Rainbow running after a ball. When you throw a ball to our dogs, they look at you as if to say: what are we supposed to do with that? Rainbow is teaching them how to chase a ball.


The large noisy pack now run around in the house AND the backyard like they own the neighbourhood (actually they’re more nosey than noisy). Life is good for the fur babies!


All three dogs just run around the house like a large, noisy (and nosey) pack; it’s impressive to watch the togetherness. We also discovered that Rainbow REALLY likes papaya and cucumber (it was Kong making day on Sunday). Overall, she simply likes to hang out wherever we are.

Rainbow normally walks with La Niña after swim practice; however, this evening, Rainbow really wanted to join Mogli and Naga on their evening walk so we brought her along.

During one particularly cute and unexpected moment, Rainbow started mimicking Mogli… and eventually followed her every move. We joked that from now on, Rainbow will be walked by Mogli.


Rainbow loves red peppers, belly rubs, and has totally been adopted as a member of the pack.

Some quick videos…

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