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Spanish Mission Trail

Missions y Presidios de California

There are “officially” 21 Missions along California’s Historic Mission Trail in what was once known as Alto California. And, five Presidios were built to protect these Missions. [Google Map]

In 2010, we made it our quest to try and find all these historical missions. Our journeys started in California with the SoCal Mission Quest (SMQ), where the goal was to visit the Spanish Missions between San Diego and Santa Barbara. After this, we headed to San Francisco to continue Mission explorations in the North (dubbed the NorCal Mission Quest). Listed below are our journeys.

The two lost and forgotten Missions of California are listed below the “official” list.

The Lost/Forgotten Missions in California

Shortly after finishing the NorCal Mission Quest (California), we discovered that there are two more Missions in along the Colorado River. These are not officially listed as California Missions even though both are marked as California Historical Landmarks.

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