Leaving India and arriving in Sri Lanka was like leaving hell and entering paradise. The first thing I noticed upon leaving the airport was the sound of everything slowing down. People are mellow and relaxed in Colombo. Cab and tuk-tuk drivers politely ask if you want a drive and when I said no thanks they moved on to the next person. Honestly, if it weren’t for the armed troops with machine guns at the airport and on the streets you wouldn’t know that Sri Lanka is a country at war.

My first drive in Sri Lanka was not as intense as my first drive in India. Even though the two countries are in close proximity they are very different. There doesn’t seem to be as much poverty in Sri Lanka and the people look healthier. It’s not as dirty or as chaotic. India was pure madness and chaos. Sri Lanka is a mellow disorderliness and it is the most beautiful place I have seen so far. There is so much colour, life and vegetation. And, I am told there is a drought so it is not as bright! I can’t imagine what it must look like when it is wet.

The house I am staying in is open, airy and quiet. There is no glass over the windows and in the center of the house is a grassy courtyard. There is no need in this country to worry about it getting cold in the evenings. The only thing you have to worry about is getting bitten by mosquitoes and for this reason all the ceilings have fans and under each bed are mosquito coils. Neither seem to help in my situation because I get bitten to death anyway. I must be tasty to Sri Lankan mosquitoes.

After being in Madras it is nice to sit in a quiet place and relax. Sri Lankans have a very idle lifestyle. They sit around and let the servants do all the busting. It is an odd thing to be in a place where there are servants, I have never experienced this before. But the Sri Lankan economy allows for the average person to have servants and it gives work to another family.

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