Living in Québec

We moved to Montréal in 2016. It was a bold move and *apparently* unconventional. But, we quickly discovered that we were simply ahead of the curve.

As more English speakers move into the city, there’s curiosity about what it’s like to be Anglo and live in a French province.

The Anglo Experience

What you hear in the press about language is both true and untrue. The perspective depends on the generation of the person talking. Diversity is an asset in Montréal. Period.

History Briefs

There’s a history behind some of the things that you see. It’s good to understand the context.

Living in the West Island

This is where many Anglos end up. Historically, the West Island is an English-speaking community.

The Move

We did an epic drive from Calgary to Montréal twice (4-days each) with a motorbike, Jeeps, bikes, a child, a dog and a guinea pig.