On the 100th year anniversary of the Great War battles that defined Canada as a nation, I am remembering my great great uncle, Samuel Maxwell McKinnon and the friends who surrounded him (Amos Leslie, Archie Battrum, Jack McEachern, Artur Joy, and others).

It makes me sad to think that he, like so many other men of fought in the Great War, never completed their right of passage or lived to experience all the big changes that happened between the 1920s and 1960s. His life was snuffed out quickly and like so many from the Great War, he was forgotten and lost to the mists of time until my grandfather (also named Maxwell) found a picture and started to search for more information about his namesake.

The remembrance posts related to the Mill Village boys have been turned off because… [drum role] they’re being turned into a book! Check back periodically for details.

Please reach out to me if you’d be interested in being an early reader of the book (before it goes public)!

McKinnon Family Heros

Finding Joseph… at the Cabaret-Rouge Cemetery in Souchez
Finding Frank… at the Menin Road South Cemetery, Ypres