At dawn I could hear the monkeys calling their territory. It was amazing to hear them calling while the rest of the jungle was silent. As the sun rose I washed the dishes and my clothes under the waterfall. I watched bugs, fireflies, turtles, crabs, ants, fish, minnows and everything else while I bathed and everyone slept. Again, a very magical moment.

By mid morning we all piled into the jeeps and headed out in search of animals. However, it was past “feeding time” and most animals were already in their hiding spot for the day. As we drove around, Puny pointed out an ebony tree; the trees are fascinating. They all have character and are different from each other; the forest is very old — one of the oldest I have ever seen.

After hours of seeing just deer and water buffalo we drove to the gate and switched guides. He took us to a different camp site, which we all instantly fell in love with. It was a sandy cliff area overlooking a beautiful lagoon. It was very white, blue and green. I decided that I wanted to sleep under the stars again so I found a spot under a tree and I set up my mosquito net and a bamboo mat.