Granada is quite possibly one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. It made such an impression that we’re planning another trip for next year. I love old cities that have eclectic, unassuming coffee shops that overlook interesting areas (like above). It’s a weakness.

Remember William Walker from the La Ciudad de los Mangos post? Well, Granada is the city where he declared his presidency. And, also the city he burned to the ground on December 14, 1856 — after which he left a stake in the ground that read Aquí fue Granada (Here was Granada) outside of the Iglesia de Guadalupe (bottom).

The city was founded by Francisco Hernández de Córdoba on December 8, 1524. It’s named after the Spanish city of the same name. As you wander through the streets you’ll notice that there are no modern buildings or typical Western food chains. Our Nicaraguan friend says this is because the government passed a law prohibiting such.

We spent a fair bit of time enjoying the rooftop views of the city from the Iglesia la Merced, built in 1534.

After leaving La Merced we discovered our second eclectic coffee shop, which had a great view of Iglesia de Guadalupe. It was here that William Walker barricaded himself from Latin American troops just before he set the city afire.

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