Denver to New Orleans

On the plane ride to New Orleans I had one of those life moments that only a kid can create. As I was looking out the window a little 5 year old face pops between the chair and the wall and says to me: “It’s cool isn’t it? You could see the whole world if it wasn’t for the clouds.” Moments later the little face disappeared and he went back to playing with his brother. It was very straight forward and certainly the best thing I have heard on the whole flight.

I love getting little snippets of wisdom from kids. They come in handy when you are trying to let go of all your preconceptions, your tunnel vision, and look at the world that exists around you. As an adult we tend to forget to stop and smell the roses.

I’ve been thinking about this boy and what he said for the rest of the day. As adults there are so many clouds in our lives: money issues, relationship problems, etc. Before us is our past, present and future, which is really the whole world that we have. If the clouds get in the way you can’t see yourself, your future and you can’t clearly see your past.

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