A Final Evening in New Orleans

Rather than go to the planned HOW Rave, which will no doubt go until early morning, I opted to wander around the French Quarter and river area for most of the evening. It was a really nice evening with both good weather and activities to boot.

In my wanderings I discovered a yard sale where I found a nice dress from Mexico that I picked up for $3. I found Voodoo Authentica and also lots of small shops that were not inundated with tourists. One thing that I did notice though was that when you move away from the main strips of the French Quarter you have to be more aware of what is going on around you.

In one popular area of the quarter I found live jazz bands, escape artists, palm readers, psychics, artists and lots of drunk people having a good ole time. I sat here for a while on the steps of a church (which known for its supposed vampire activities) and just people watched.

Just down the street from this is Pirate’s Alley where all the pirates, like Jean Lafitte (the Prince of Pirates), did all their shady dealings. It is reputedly the home of more than one fatal duel.

After all this and a meal of Seafood Gumbo I headed back to get some sleep before my 3am departure to the airport.

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