Iglesia de San Jose

Iglesia de San Jose is located near the heart of Holguin City’s historical centre and is a landmark of the city’s colonial history. The church is not as old as the city’s San Isidoro’s Church (1720) but it demonstrates the neoclassical architectural phase that the city went through in the 1800s.

It started as a Franciscans hermitage in 1806 and later became an auxiliary church to San Isidoro. Construction on San Jose began on 1809 and completed in 1815.

When we arrived the church was not open to the public. But, we took advantage of one of the many shaded trees that line the surrounding square to escape the heat while dP went to find popcorn and discover that the convertible pesos (CUC) foreigners receive is valued much higher than the national Pesos (CUP) the local Cubans receive. He paid for popcorn with a 5 CUC note and received something ridiculous like 90 CUP back.

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