Cagliari, Sardinia

More photos from my Grandfather’s Sardinia adventures.

I love seeing what people wore in the 1950s and how they interacted with each other (however subtle it may be). It seems as though everyone wanted to look their best while out on the streets.

Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia and is an ancient city with a long and bloody history.

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  1. Hi Sharlene nice photos! 1st, 5th and 6th are taken from Viale Reginale Elena looking South in first sight some roof of Villanova historical quartier, the 3rd and 4th photo has been tooken on central Via Manno is still today a “shopping” central street but Trolleybus line no longer pass there.
    Canadian presence still live here daily with 3 thing:
    *Canadian’s road (Strada dei canadesi) a little country road that connect Cagliari with Decimomannu Air Base passing in Assemini and Elmas rural zone (probably was built by Canadian army)
    *Canadian (Canadese) a slang used only in south Sardinia to describe the tracksuit (probably this strange and undseen clothes was seen for 1st times weared by some Canadian soldier walking in free time along Cagliari streets…)
    greeting from Sardinia
    * Canadian Pizza (pizza canadese) Pizza is not a properly sardinian dish than tipically of Neapoles city, however only or mainly in Sardinia exist Canadian pizza, a pizza with tomatoes sauce, freesh chese, ham, mushroom and wurstel.
    best greating from Sardinia

    1. “Canadian (Canadese) a slang used only in south Sardinia to describe the tracksuit.” This made me laugh! I can only imagine how bizarre tracksuits in the 50s looked to locals.

  2. Hi Sharlene, I’m a journalist from Cagliari and now I’m shooting a documentary about life in the fifties in Cagliari. The photos in this post are very interesting. Can I use it? Obviously I would be grateful with you and your grandfather writing your names in the movie’s credits. Can you please reply via email? Thank you so much. Have a nice day.

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