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Comidas Deliciosas

There’s one thing I failed to mention about the Dominican Republic: that the food was pretty darn fantastic.

Even little Miss La Niña (a.k.a. Miss Frugivore) was in seventh heaven with all the exotic fruit, fried plantains, and fresh juice available at her every whim.

Here we have some fried plantains…


A mix of crepes (for European guests), rice, and shellfish:




A variety of fish… and a Mexican black bean dish (far right)…


Pizza for a change… with tofu and artichokes…


Caviar at the salad bar…


Next was the soup phase (not really prominent in any of the photos but I had to have soup with everything) and after this was an omelet phase. Around the same time La Niña began to want guacamole and pineapple on everything. Perhaps we were being a bit gluttonous but the food was amazing and we seemed to be in a perpetual state of hunger after hours or walking, playing, and swimming.


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