Heerlijk Voedsel

Morning began with a meander through the Saturday morning food market; the smell of baking pastries permeated every inch of the square. I was in heaven as I floated from booth to booth sampling cheese, meats and bread.

For breakfast I finally settled upon an *interesting* mincemeat pie and followed it with a warm butter croissant. To wash it all down, amazing coffee from a tiny little shop at the edge of the market.

For lunch, Belgium’s national dish, mosselen-friet, steamed mussels with a side of frieten. Mussels are everywhere (and cheap too!). No one should visit the country without sampling a bowl.

For an afternoon “thirst” break, a white Hoegaarden (witbier), which is unlike any beer I’ve had before. It has an appealing flowery taste that’s hard to forget. Wheat beer goes well with seafood or fish.

And, for dinner, fish with wine sauce, salad, and mashed potatoes (stoemp).

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