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A Funny Little Life

It’s a funny little life that I have right now… living in a foreign country, struggling with things like how to work the washing machine, figuring out all the 9s, 0s and 1s for calling people on my cell, and trying to find groceries late at night. I work odd hours, face strange challenges, and do things that make me feel uncouth like hang my underwear in various locations around the apartment and eat half a meal so I have leftovers.

But it’s easy; easier than living in Canada. I think it’s because of the people and the support they give. It’s also incredibly laid back. I’ve really been struggling with this in the last two days: how quickly I adapted, how well I understand everything, and how easy it is to communicate with the people here. Deepali said yesterday that she was pretty sure that I was half Indian.

I keep feeling that I’ve lived in Bangalore before — much like I felt when I was in Madras. But like then, I keep feeling that something is missing. There is a critical part of this puzzle that is absent and I can’t figure out what it is. I know it’s missing, and I’m looking for it, but I don’t know what it is or how to find it.

Like I said, it’s a funny little life.

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