One Night in Halifax

Some people talk about spending one night in Bangkok or Paris, perhaps London or Delhi. My night always seems to be Halifax… one night in Halifax. We’re here and we’ve made it a girl’s night out: the Bluenose Diner, milkshakes, a windy walk on the wharf surrounded by drunken sailors/fishermen/university students, cookies at Perks, and Theodore Tugboat.

Getting here was an adventure as always… sprinting for planes, a ridiculous security/strip search at security, a sick, impatient and whiny child, and my forever favourite: the walk of shame down the plane that’s been held back because of us — only to find someone in our seats. (Can’t you read the number on your ticket!? I’m just saying.)

The best quote of the day came out as if we were in the Incredibles:

La Niña, I need you to run as fast as you can.

As fast as I can? (said with glee ala Dash)

As fast as you can… and don’t stop until you’re on the plane.

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