Pioneer Square, Jazz Alley and RKCNDY (RockCandy)

Today was spent wandering around Pioneer Square and exploring it’s unique architecture and shops. This is Seattle’s oldest neighbourhood and is known for its Victorian brick buildings, street performers, art galleries, unique eateries and coffee shops.

At one point we had our pictures taken with the Old Man and Woman on a Bench on Fourth Ave and Lenora.

For lunch we wandered down to the wharf and ate buckets of steamed clams and drank beer, which ended up being bought for us by a gentleman sitting at the bar. Later in the day, we walked Kim over to Jazz Alley on 6th and Lenora before heading over to RKCNDY for games night.

Jazz Alley is known for being one of the first jazz bars on the west coast and for attracting world class jazz performers. However, the thing I remember most about Jazz Alley are the murals outside the bar.

After checking out the murals we went to the dark, dingy and dank RKCNDY for games night. The Rattled Roosters were playing — a rock-a-billy band from Vancouver. The Rattled Roosters were excellent and the RKCNDY was everything I hoped it would be: the perfect location for the grunge scene. Rumour has it that Soundgarden and Pearl Jam play here frequently.

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