Samba Drumming

On a rather hot day, I headed to the Centro Cultural Dragão do Mar for a coffee — hoping to catch the Santa Clara Cafe when it opened.

As I approached the entrance to the cultural centre I could hear strong drum beats coming from two different directions — almost competing with each other for air time.

When I walked over Buoni Amici’s, a restaurant we passed on the previous evening, I could tell that one drumming group was inside here and I had to see them play.

Upon entering the building I could see a small group of people with drums and shekere gourds playing a samba beat. They finished their practice as I entered and everyone was congratulating the new people for sticking through the practice. More experienced players were pulling junior players aside to show them proper shekere technique.

I had barely gotten a taste of drumming and wanted more so I headed towards the next building where the noise was much louder. This was the Orbit, a place where Unidos da Cachorra play every Saturday at 2pm.

I can’t even begin to describe how amazing the experience was… you have to hear and see for yourself. Somehow the samba became a part of this odd roofless and floorless building.

I couldn’t pull myself away until the practice was over. By this time the building was humming with activity and I’d long forgotten about grabbing a coffee from the Santa Clara Cafe.

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  1. Welcome to Unidos da Cachorra’s spot! We’re glad you liked. We’re all addicted on samba beat! Come back anytime you want and try an instrument!

  2. Thanks for the nice description of our sound and joy. That is what Samba and our Brazilian soul is all about. Come whenever you want and spread the news. You are always welcome.

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