Campfire Coffee

Thick, strong, and strangely aromatic, campfire coffee was the staple of many cattle drives in the prairies and is still a long standing Canadian camping tradition. That’s why no one was surprised when we stumbled upon an open fire, circle of pre-cut logs made into chairs, and a black pot full of freshly brewed camp coffee.

I always though that it was the manner in which the coffee was brewed that gives camp coffee it’s unique taste; however, I’m told that the real secret is to add an egg (shell and all) to the coffee to thicken it up and add flavour.

Not only did the coffee flow freely, but also conversation. Our cowgirl for the experience was Shareene, who seemed to love a good campfire story. When asked the, tell me a story about this place question, she was more than happy to tell us about John Ware, his origins, and local lore.

This surprised me a bit because online the Sundance Kid is often touted as the most famous of all Bar U workers. This could be because John Ware garnered the most respect from cowboys, a respect that still carries on even today.

There’s more about John Ware in the next post.

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