Caffe Rosso

Caffe Rosso is easily one of our favourite coffee shops in Calgary; and, it’s a must stop whenever we are in Ramsey (there’s a sister shop on Stephen Ave as well). The thing I love most about the cafe (beyond the coffee) is it’s always mellow and each time I visit I always seem to run into someone I haven’t seen in a long long time.

Caffe Rosso is part of the YYC Coffee Disloyalty Program, which is meant to get Calgarians to experience coffee life outside of Starbucks and Tim Hortons.

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  1. It needs some windows! It looks like the locker room at a swimming pool… but thanks for all your recommendations, I’m new to Calgary and can’t wait to try out all the places you’ve mentioned- you guys are blessed to travel so often, and thoughtful to share your experiences! Thank you!

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