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Ghouls Night Out

Haunted houses, zombies, tarot card readers, a ghoulish feast, medieval sword fights, witches, and so much more– it was an evening for the memory books.

The zombies were especially entertaining, as they silently followed people around the park and stared blankly over some unsuspecting victim’s shoulder with ghoulish numbness. They were really good zombies — not one of them laughed when they scared the pants off some poor parent… they just blankly shuffled on to the next victim.

Where can this scary Halloween goodness found? The Heritage Park Ghouls Night Out, where little trick or treaters can dress up, do crafts, dance (at the dance party), and get as much *spooky* entertainment as they can handle.

It’s a cheap event (by Calgary standards) at $6 per child and $10 per adult. Purchasing your tickets ahead of time is recommended because most evenings sell out.

Happy Halloween and enjoy the photos below!

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