Wonderfully Ecclectic

One thing that always strikes me about my Papa’s photos is he liked to take pictures of things that are seemingly inane — but turn out to be quite informative. Below is a photo of my Nana sitting on the side of the road having a picnic in the countryside (France)… because that’s what people did back then (up the street is another family having a picnic). My grandfather loved that car. You can tell my the way he’s carefully backed it in and how he’s incorporated it into the photo.

The photo below was taken just as my family arrived in Dover, U.K. from France. It looks like it’s early morning and you can almost feel the excitement in the air. The trip isn’t over: it’s about a 3.5-hour drive from Dover to Birmingham. Again, I love how my Papa incorporated cars into this photo.

Finally, as he was taking photos of my mom and her friends, my Papa somehow managed to slip in a few photos of… you guessed it… cars… The one with the white top is my grandfather’s. As I mentioned above, he loved that car.

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