We’re Going to Vegas, Baby!

The email with the above title was unexpected and somewhat surprising. Las Vegas is on my hit list of “quick and odd” places to spend a weekend when the weather is particularly nasty in Calgary (though between you and me, I prefer California).

However, I wasn’t expecting to go anytime soon. Fate had different ideas, and our team was instructed to book flights to Nevada for CES and the AT&T Developer Summit. As such, myself and roughly 150,000 other geeky types descended upon sin city for a few days of gadget ogling, WTF-ing, and photo taking.

Sin City doesn’t disappoint when you have humble expectations. The weather was nice enough for me to wear a t-shirt and the evenings were perfect for wandering. I think the best way to approach the city is to pick a hotel that suits you (preferably near the centre of the main strip) and bring a good pair of walking shoes.

And so begins the Las Vegas wandering adventures!

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