My companions worried that there wouldn’t be any interesting restaurants in Atlanta… not like Seattle or New York. However, after a bit of investigation and one very interesting “about food trends in Atlanta” show, I discovered that there is a large farmer to table movement in Georgia. What does this mean? Food goes from farmer to chef with no processing or people in the middle. This means fresh, no filler, and back to food basics.

Miller Union is one such restaurant; and we were pleased with our choice (from a list of Top 10 potentials). The proof is in the pudding — as they say. Sausages were handmade with the “fresh herbs of the week.” The vegetables not your typical potato, carrot, and lettuce variety you see in many restaurants. We feasted on radishes, hominy, beets, cabbage, and heirloom varieties cooked to perfection. It was an uncomplicated mix but tasty and beautiful.

For me, there was little gluten on the menu, and because they processed their own food, each server knew exactly what was in each meal, and there was no added filler that prevents me from eating in most restaurants. Dairy was harder to avoid but not impossible. Because the food wasn’t pre made it was easy to leave out dairy components.

Would I go back? In a heartbeat.