Camel Riding in Morocco

Within a few minutes of arriving in Morocco, we encountered our first camel. Yes… it’s touristy, campy, and cliché. But I couldn’t deny an opportunity of camel-riding-coolness for little La Niña.

Spanish instructions came before English and French so little missy knew exactly where to go and what to do before the rest of the crowd mobbed the two camels sitting innocently away from the group. There was only enough time for a handful of people to ride.

But I’m allergic to camel hair, she whispered as we approached the giant beasts. This is a rare lifetime experience and that trumps a bit of stuffiness, I whispered back. Who am I to deny her this story to tell? I swear her smile cracked the sky.

She named her camel Kissey and was the first to take a long wander around the park. For her, it was an amazing experience, and thanks to Kissey, we hadn’t even ventured into the city and Tangier was already the coolest place in the world.

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