Midday Meal in Morocco

Because of Morocco’s cultural diversity, the food in the country reflects centuries of culinary influence. As such, typical fare is unique, flavourful, and interesting. The most commonly known food that originates from North Africa is couscous, which is generally served with vegetables and spiced beef, chicken or lamb. Pork consumption is forbidden.

In Morocco, the main meal of the day happens at midday and like in India, Moroccans usually eat with their hands and use bread as a spoon. Our primary experience was the midday meal, which was not an overly exciting experience… I’m sure we could have done much better… but we weren’t in Tangier for long and by midday were starving. Personally, I’d rather wander the markets and enjoy bits and bytes rather than have a gigantic meal. Niña didn’t mind, she inhaled everything put in front of her.

On the drinks side, sweetened green tea with mint is the most popular drink in the country. Making good mint tea in Morocco is considered an art form… with the proper pouring technique being a critical part of this.

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