Next destination: South… as far South as you can go in Spain: to Tarifa and the Strait of Gibraltar where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic Ocean. The journey is just shy of 2-hours long on 128km worth of winding, twisting roads.

The drive was an unexpected surprise full of windmills, sun panels and abandoned structures.

Spain is the world’s third biggest producer of wind power, after the United States and Germany. The Andalusia region is Spain (where we were) is a producer of 6.7% of the output. Windmills were in just about every field, cliff top, and unoccupied space.

On the sunny side, Spain is the fourth largest manufacturer of solar power in the world and exports 80 percent of this output to other European nations (mostly Germany). Solar powers were far and few between, but when you came upon them they were impossible to miss. The solar power array pictured in the gallery is from our drive between Granada and Sevilla.