Bamboo, Tarifa

Bamboo became one of our favourite restaurants in Tarifa. Directly outside the city walls, it’s across the street from the ferry terminal, next to the Castillo de Guzmán, and few minutes walk from the main beach.

The restaurant is a hang out for free-spirited surfing types and has a very relaxing, come as you are kind of feel. During our visits, there were a couple of regular dogs that kept Niña entertained.

Food is lunch type fair: sandwiches, smoothies, salads — all good. I was partial to the leaved teas (as you can see from the photos). The lattes were pretty good too!

However, the best part of the restaurant wasn’t the food or the atmosphere or the dogs — it was the super funny, marathon running, multi-lingual waiter whom we became friends with. He’s the reason we kept going back.

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