Alcazaba, Malaga

The Alcazaba was built in the mid-11th century. It’s not as old as other sites in Europe, but it’s well preserved and in an easy to find location. Next to the fortification is the ruins of a Roman theatre — from which came building materials for the Alcazaba.

I probably took more photos at the Alcazaba in Málaga than I did anywhere else in Spain. It was huge, beautiful, peaceful, and a photographic treat. It’s very easy to lose yourself in long beautiful gardens and not see anyone else for a time. It’s the kind of place that inspires novels and from the walls, you get fantastic views of Málaga.

I went to Alcazaba unaccompanied and late in the day — and unfortunately only saw a small portion of what the citadel has to offer before I had to leave. You can see in the first photo below how much ground the site covers; it’s easily a 2-3 hours visit and an uphill hike.

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