Burgoo on Main, Vancouver

I stumbled upon Burgoo rather by accident. While wandering Main Street I found myself talking to a local about food and restaurants. She happened to mention that one of her favourites was a little restaurant named Burgoo down the street, which sees a long line up most days. As I walked by, I noticed no line-up and decided to give it a try.

At first, I was put off by the name… and thought the restaurant would be a prime spot for burgers with whole wheat buns, cheese, and french fries that were more wheat and corn starch than potato. However, in checking the menu outside, I discovered that this was far from the truth.

Burgoo is a good ‘ole Kentucky style stew and the restaurant aims to cook comfort food for people who live in the community. On top of this, the menu is reasonably priced, healthy, and contains lots of wheat and dairy-free options. As an added bonus, the staff are extremely helpful and uber friendly.

I opted to try the carrot soup (made with coconut milk), and Spring Greens Salad (with strawberries) — all fresh, delicious, and comforting. By the end of the meal, I could easily see why a community would need a comforting restaurant like Burgoo in a city where the winters are long, wet, dark, and dreary.

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  1. If you go to Comox, try a restaurant called “Common Ground” in Courtney, run by Mennenites. I think the veggies come from their farms. I’m not sure about the wheat / milk status though. Also if you have time to drive to Cumberland there are lots of nice little shops and eating places.

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