Musette Caffe

At the junction of two bike roads in Vancouver, somewhat hidden in the midst of a car sales lot, is Musette Caffè [now closed]. It’s colour scheme is inspired by Bianchi Bikes, which is known for its celeste or Bianchi Green bicycles. To the right of the entrance is one such bike mounted on the wall.

The cafe sports any number of bikes both inside and outside the building, and has a uniquely European feel about it. Even its name is French… the closest concept that I can think of in English for musette is an over the shoulder bag… much like a courier bag but made of cotton. The owner’s personal collection of musette bags is displayed on the wall (behind coffee mug photos below).

This is our favourite cafe in Vancouver. The junction provides us with easy access on our bikes, and their food is an assortment of gluten and dairy-free pastries. The coffee also happens to be fantastic.

The vibe is easy going. On the weekends the place is packed with cyclists. If all the racks inside are full, then you can park outside. If you don’t have a lock or need air in your tires, no worries… the friendly staff will hook you up.

Of course, you don’t have to be a cyclist to enjoy the cafe. We go for the foozball and mellow atmosphere.

From Niña: Caffe Musette is sweet because it has a kids zone. Caffe Musette has good taste in food.

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