Barra Barra Saloon, San Diego

At first, there were conversations about Californian wine. Then it was Mexican food. Next, it was families, culture, and society. The people at Barra Barra Saloon restaurant in old town are incredibly friendly and they treated us very very well.

We originally ended up at Barra Barra because of the “children eat for free” sign. It also seemed to be the only restaurant open late into the evening.

We made lots of inquiries first because I originally wasn’t sure if we’d be able to eat here; Mexican food is not known for being corn-free and La Niña can’t eat corn. Surprisingly, we were able to find plenty of food on the menu for La Niña; and, I have since changed my belief that we’d never be able to visit Mexico.

We were able to practice our Spanish without fear or judgement and when La Niña indicated that she really enjoyed the flour tortillas in Spanish, people were slipping her tortillas left, right and centre. We even repeatedly were told that Her Spanish is wonderful. She has no accent.

After the first evening of wonderful wine, conversation, and food, we returned every evening for our nightly Barra Barra experience.

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