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"Sometimes reality is too complex. Stories give it form."


I’m not entirely sure but I think the spider left is a yellow garden spider — a very common arachnid; if not a yellow garden spider, it’s definitely an orb weaver — meaning it creates flat, vertical, spiral patterned orb-like webs. This particular beauty was living in peace under a giant rabbit cage in Sackville, Nova Scotia. And, even though there were three loud, impatient, fidgety toddlers playing with fluffy the fat rabbit above, it didn’t seem to mind. At one point all three kidlets bent down and stared at the spider in silent, revered awe before running off to partake in a teddy bear picnic.

I’m not a huge fan of arachnids; while growing up I used to have terrifying dreams of spiders crawling all over my body while I slept, and some nights I would actually scratch my skin bloody in my sleep. I think this had a lot to do with the amount of time I spent swimming and the effect it had on my skin. That said, I’m still able to recognize the ethereal grace and beauty that arachnids display while weaving and moving around on their web. It’s mesmerizing.

Does anyone out there have any good (or bad) spider stories?

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