Slacklining in Vancouver

I’ve not encountered slacklining until Vancouver, where it a common sight in parks and on beaches. Basically, a slackline is a nylon webbing anchored between two points — usually trees. It looks like tightrope walking but is much bouncier. Variations on the theme include tricklining, waterlining, highlining, and yogalining.

The community of slackliners in Vancouver is small and they greet each other with gusto and tips; those who are new are warmly welcomed. It’s as much social as it is skill and Meetups are popping up all over the city. This is how I came to be walking on a slackline at Second Beach.

It looks easy — but it’s really hard. I thought that I had pretty good balance after years of yoga… but instead, I got a workout, thanks to Xavier.

Rather than write about it, I created a video. For more information, check out this video on tricklining and this one showing highlining in Europe.

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