Golden and Legendz

The Enchanted Forest to Golden: 181 km or 2 hours 17 mins. 265 km or 3 hours 22 mins remaining to Calgary.

Golden is one of those popular outdoor destinations nestled amongst Rocky Mountain peaks, between rivers, within national parks, and full of legend and stories that are usually incorporated into location naming. Golden is in “Kicking Horse” country and is known for its “Kicking Horse” Coffee. As the story goes, Sir James Hector, a surgeon and explorer on the Palliser Expedition was kicked by his horse while passing through the mountains. Once recovered, he named the mountain pass the Kicking Horse Pass and the river the Kicking Horse River after his memorable experience. In hindsight, we should have spent more time exploring the town, but we simply ran out of time.

Our only experience with Golden was Legendz Diner, which is on the TransCanada route that passes through the town. The restaurant is not designed for slow dining but rather for people passing through who want a quick sit down meal after filling up with gas. The decor is colourful with lots of Rock and Roll memorabilia. On the other side of the gas station, is Tim Hortons. We already know that Tim Hortons is not allergy-friendly and hoped Legendz would be a better choice for us.

Legendz is a what we’d thought Elvis Rocks the Canyon would be… with ok food. However, this is not an allergy-friendly place or even a restaurant with good food. By the time we explained the wheat, dairy, corn thing, the best thing the waitress could come back with was a plate of wilted lettuce with rock hard raw broccoli and tomato on top. Apparently, fresh vegetables are hard to come by in Golden.

We also tried the French Fries, but they were still frozen in the middle so we opted to abandon them. This is when we noticed that most people left without finishing (or even eating) their food and we decided to do the same. Seems their business model is to serve substandard food to weary travellers because it’s likely that they’ll never see them again.

Next time we’ll drive a bit further and find a restaurant on the main strip in Golden.

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