Vancouver to Calgary on the TransCanada

Vancouver to Calgary: 971 km or 11 hours 50 mins.

It’s a journey that many in the west have done multiple times. Way back in 2005, Michi and I did the drive in one day so we could see Pink Floyd in concert… and then drove back. We know people who do the drive every weekend during the summer.

If you stay focused and do quick stops, the drive is roughly 10-12 hours from city-to-city (971km on the TransCanada). However, travelling with a 7-year old is a bit more organic and our journey took 15-hours because we meandered and made a play, pee, food or coffee stop every two hours.

The drive is beautiful and brings you in contact with mountains, animals, lakes, small Canadian towns, and a whole host of unique roadside attractions. The photographer for most of the journey was Niña who has become a bit of a multimedia nut.

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