The Next Whirlwind

Another whirlwind adventure is at hand and the past few weeks have been spent getting jabbed, filling out mountains of paperwork, and finding the time to get organized amidst chaos. My final destination in this round of wend is Pune (India) and in true Indian fashion I find myself within days of leaving and my passport is still in Vancouver being scrutinized at the Indian consulate.

I’m told it will arrive tomorrow; however, it’s completely nerve wracking when so many plane tickets / hotel rooms / theatre tickets / plans are dependent upon me getting on a plane on Tuesday morning. I’m currently trying to get into Indian whatever mode and take the travel advice I constantly dish out: everything will work out in the end.

I’m excited to be going back to India because 10 years ago I chose the Indian continent as my backpacking destination because I thought that in 10 years it would be a completely different place. It’s time to see if my theory was indeed correct. I also need a serious reality check and there’s no better place to get that from than India.

On the way I’ll be stopping in a few cities, including Halifax and New York to visit dear friends and see if I can go for two days without drinking out of anything but a martini glass.

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