Gadsby’s Tavern

A trip isn’t a trip until you’ve heard a ghost story or two. In this case Jeff told us two.

The first comes from a story that I briefly mentioned a few posts ago; about Col. Elmer Ellsworth who was shot while he tried to take down a Confederate flag flying atop the Marshall House Hotel. His ghost is said to still be seen at the hotel running up the stairs to take down the flag.

The second story comes from Gadsby’s Tavern and museum, which is pictured above.

The tavern is named after an Englishman – John Gadsby – who operated the pub from 1796 to 1808. According to local lore one day a man and a woman came to the port of Alexandria in 1816 and stayed in the hotel. During their stay the woman fell ill and soon after died. The man then quickly disappeared after making the staff and doctors swear to never to reveal their identities.

Her ghost is said to be seen in the tavern on occasion — and is also said to appear in the ballroom dressed in green. According to this website [link removed] the mysterious woman is buried in the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Cemetery and her headstone is said to have the encryption “Female Stranger” on it with no name.

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