Between a Storm and a Tsunami

Even though it was sandwiched between a frankenstorm and an earthquake/tsunami combo, Calgary saw little drama this morning.

I had little hope that this week’s commute would go smoothly and was pleasantly surprised to find the airport empty and a flight that was only 30-minutes late… because of de-icing.

There was much rain on the Vancouver side of the commute, but little evidence of an earthquake beyond a story or two. The city is expected to experience aftershocks all week.

In the photos below, I’ve also included cobweb photos from the office and views from the kitchen taken with my new phone (with an 8-megapixel camera). Seems 3.5 years of going through airport x-ray machines finally fried my Google phone… twice. My phone stopped working just after going through the x-ray machine on the way to YVR. I managed to revive it with a factory reset. However, the same thing happened on the way to YYC… and the phone never recovered.

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