Winter Wonderland

Winter has come to Calgary. These photos are from a particularly beautiful hoar frost that occurred recently. Unfortunately, the temperature on that day was a balmy -15C but with the wind chill the temperature was significantly colder. My poor hands barely made it out of the woods alive.

After last year’s extremely mild winter (I rode my bike for the whole year), the prediction is that this winter will be a more typical one (read: fricken cold). Calgary never really has a consistently cold winter; we’ll get cold snaps and Chinooks to offset the snaps. It’s rather rollercoaster-ish.

During our walks, the dogs are happy to play and frolic in the snow. However, it’s pretty obvious when they’ve had enough of the cold — with Stryder being the most obvious. When Stryder has reached his limit, he simply stops playing, gives me “the stare,” and walks back to the Jeep. There he sits with his “I’m done” face waiting for me to let him in.

Tomorrow, I’ll start posting a Christmas themed series called the “14-Posts to Christmas.” Each post will be of a Vancouver or Calgary Christmas themed activity from this year. If there’s any particular event or sight (doesn’t need to be in the West) that brings Christmas excitement or happy memories, mention it in the comments. Or, if anyone is interested in guest posting an activity or two, also comment.

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  1. Geeeze! It rose to +14 here overnight with torrents of rain and even some thunder. It’s supposed to cool down so maybe we will get a white Christmas.

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