Happy Christmas Eve!

Happy Christmas, everyone! For us there’s no sudden trips to Las Vegas, or time spent in Europe or South America, or a whirlwind journey to the mountains. This year it’s going to be spent at home taking care of stuff that never gets done.

First and foremost is dealing with La Niña‘s bedroom. She’s been living with everyone else’s hand-me-down furniture her whole life — all very patchwork and (now) mostly broken. So, after a bit of saving and wandering around online-furniture-land, we took her to Ikea and let her pick her furniture.

Step 1 of the furniture building adventures was a bed (frame only), which produced many head scratches, cusses, an OMG-did-I-get-the-right-size moment, mystery, drama, and eventual success (with only two pieces leftover). And, it has already gotten the Stryder nap of approval.

Step 2 is the desk. I can hardly wait (sarcasm).

I’m signing off until the New Year. We’ve got a lot of furniture to build, a lot of gluten/corn/dairy-free goods to eat, and more adventures to plan. You may or may not see something from Kevin the Guest Poster. He’s been hanging out in Australia these past few months.

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  1. That’s what I love about Ikea. They sell you lumber which you have to assemble. Looks like Strider is enjoying the bed.

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