Osha Thai, San Francisco

How angry do you want your prawns? I can always tell the servers are laughing inside when they ask the “Angry Prawns” question at Osha.

Give them to me like Chewbacca! And, I’m always amazed that they never judge when I respond this way… and know what the heck I’m talking about. That said, I don’t order the Angry Prawns much because I’m too busy exploring everything else on the menu.

Osha Thai is a foodie paradise. Here you can order frogs legs from the same menu as beef wrapped cucumber and coconut-infused scallops. They have vegetarian options as well. The atmosphere is rather tech-hip… which makes for an interesting combination when very pretty Southeast Asian food is delivered to your table. Each meal comes served with an exotic flower. I’ve yet to see anyone actually eat the flower but it adds a splash of colour to your plate.

The real reason that Osha makes me happy is that on Sundays it is the only restaurant that is open when I arrive in SF after a long and generally stressful evening of travel. And the servers are so incredibly mellow that it makes me feel better. I can’t imagine travelling for 7-hours and then sitting in a restaurant where the servers are throwing food or drinks around your table — and yelling some sort of greeting when you enter (or yelling at each other).

It’s also not an expensive restaurant. It’s easy to eat here from less than $25 per person. And, there are 7 restaurants around San Francisco.

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