Dog Sledding, Canmore

Please, please, can we just go? I really really want to go dog sledding. This was from La Niña and it was the day of her birthday present: 4-hours in the Rocky Mountains on a dog sled.

Her enthusiasm and desire to go almost matched that of our team of dogs. Whenever we got even remotely close to our sled they started to bounce and bark as if to say, Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. It was a perfect match: an excited kid and some very happy dogs. The result was plenty of belly rubs, kisses, and head scratches.

Our lovely team were: Lady and Merlin (the lead dogs), Donnie and Raksha (the swing dogs), and Harley and Triumph (the wheel dogs). All were troopers and are part of Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours. We chose to go sledding with this company after meeting them at the Spruce Meadows Christmas Market. Within moments of meeting their guides, it was evident that this is a company that treats their dogs with love and respect. I don’t think any of us would support a company that treats dogs poorly.

Our trusty sled driver was dP… yes, he got to drive the sled and at the end La Niña got to drive with him. As we powered over a frozen lake in the Rocky’s you could hear her voice yelling, Hike! or Good Puppies! over the excited barks of the dogs. She impressed us all with her confidence.

This was a day for the memory books. We do a lot of travelling (I know: an understatement) and this ranks easily as one of our top experiences. The day was as beautiful as the scenery, the dogs and people were lovely — and in the end, we have added doing the overnight tour to our list of “musts.”

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